Our Mission

At Champion Financial Services, it is our mission to assist new or existing clients to meet their financial needs to pursue their dreams. Since 2010, it has been our goal as a company to be the leading small business lender.

The drive and motivation to get things done for our clients, collaboration while staying true to our ethics, outstanding customer service and passion for improving the lives of others are the reasons why we have been the #1 loan provider company for auto title loans and personal loans throughout the United States for the past 5 years. We are excited to help bring you one step closer to achieving your dreams!

These values define who we are as a company and our culture.

  • Execution: Discipline of getting things done.
  • Peace-of-mind Sustainability: People (clients, suppliers, collaborators), Planet, Prosperity, and Ethics.
  • Diversity: Highest-quality Products, Services and Collaborators.
  • Passion: We enjoy what we do.
  • Kaizen: Continuous improvement, status quo does not work for us.

Community Work Requirement

At Champion Financial Services, we value people, our planet, prosperity and ethics. An important component of this one is participating in community work. We require each of our team members to complete one day of community work per calendar year. This is mandatory and will be paid by the company. Each team member will have to plan his or her own community work and execute it.

Our Passion is to Help

Champion Financial Services is not only engaged in assisting our potential clients and customers, but also communities or organizations that need help.

At least one day per year, all of our team members get together and do some community work. Our objective with this activity is to return part of our profits to people in need and share with them a joyful and pleasant time. As our company grows, we will be doing more and more activities related to community work! We are passionate about helping as much as we can.

* To protect the privacy of the children under 18, we do not disclose their faces.