Everything You Need to Know About RV Title Loans

Using Your Weekend Vehicle For An RV Title Loan

You can’t say what’s going to happen tomorrow or what unexpected financial situation you might find yourself in. Whether you plan as best you can or not, things come up. Someone might have to visit the emergency room, or the roof might spring a leak. Whatever happens in your life, you could find yourself needing cash rather quickly to pay off credit cards or unexpected bills. If you enjoy camping on the weekend, your RV is good for more than family time away from it all. It can also help you secure an RV title loan. Here are some details on that process to help you decide if it’s the right way for you to go.

No Credit Checks

Whether you have a great credit score or something less than stellar, it doesn’t matter one little bit when you get an RV title loan. In fact, your credit score won’t even be checked. You don’t have to worry about what’s lacking in that area. Your RV acts as your collateral and you have that to back you up. The credit doesn’t matter since you have the vehicle at your disposal.

Preserve Your Credit

If you’ve been working on building your credit so you can perhaps take out a loan in the future, you don’t have to worry about an RV title loan working against you, either. IT won’t show up on your credit check one way or another. If you use the RV title loan to pay off other debts, it can actually help your credit rating overall.

Quick Cash

You could, of course, approach the bank and see about getting a loan there. However, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out and the processes that kind of lender will put you through takes time. If you have an immediate need for the money, you can get it quickly with an RV title loan. You would bring the RV to the title loan office for an inspection. A technician would look it over and let you know how much money you could get by way of a loan based on the RV’s value. After you fill out a few documents, you walk away with the money you need. It can take as little as an hour and you have what you need to cover your unexpected expenses.

Easy Application

There are many different kinds of loans out there, but RV title loans are simple and fast as far as the application process goes. Plus, when you use your RV, you aren’t putting a vehicle you need on a daily basis at risk. You will just need a few documents, like your driver’s license, your RV registration, and proof of insurance. Once you have those items in hand and you fill out the paperwork, you’re good to go within minutes.

Getting The RV Title Loan

When you need money quickly for whatever reason, keep your RV in mind as a handy asset that can work in your favor. Contact Champion Financial Services for details on securing the cash you need.

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