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Pawn Loans available only at Palm Desert location.
Pawn License Number: 33250993


Interest For the First Month!

Since our customers are always first, we have expanded the services we offer. If you do not qualify for a car title loan, then a pawn loan is another alternative we offer to give you a loan in minutes. We will evaluate your car and will let you know how much you qualify for.

We only offer title loans on certain types of vehicles, but we offer pawn loans on any type of motorcycles, cars, heavy equipment, motor homes, trailers, car haulers, dirt bikes, quads, off-road vehicles, toy-boxes, boats, yachts, RVs, and many more!


  • What is a Vehicle Pawn?

    A vehicle pawn allows you to get a loan based on the value of your vehicle. There is no credit check and the whole process takes minutes to complete. Your vehicle stays safely stored in our facility for the duration of the loan. Once you are ready to pay us back, you bring the total amount and we will return your vehicle in the same condition as when you brought it in.
  • What can be pawned?

    Any type of vehicle that has a title will qualify.
  • What do I need to bring?

    Vehicle, title and government issued ID.
  • Do I have to have good credit?

    Since the car is placed as collateral, no credit check is needed. We do not even run your credit.
  • How does the process work?
    1. Bring in your vehicle, title, and government issued photo ID.
    2. We will evaluate your vehicle to determine how much you are eligible for.
    3. Once approved, you will receive your loan.

  • Where will my vehicle be stored?

    Your vehicle will be safely stored at our location. We have a 24-hour surveillance system in place.
  • How long do I have to pay off the Pawn loan?

    We offer you 4 months (industry standards) with a 10-day grace period per California law. You also have the option to renew your loan if needed.
  • How do I make payments?

    You will come into our Palm Desert location to process any payments. You can make as many payments as you would like, but you are not required to make a payment until the due date four months later. All payments must be made in cash.
  • Can I pay off the loan before the 4 months?

    Yes! If paid before you will be saving money, since the interest is calculated on a monthly basis.
  • How much will I receive?

    Come to our location with your vehicle and we will be able to tell you within minutes how much we can provide you with. The condition, mileage, and other factors are taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.